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At Paxton Hydra, we live by a set of shared values that guide the actions and behaviors of each of us.  Our values influence the way we work and interact with our colleagues as well as the way we serve our clients.  Our values create a sense of shared identity within the Paxton Hydra organization.  They define who we are and what we stand for.


We lead by example - at all levels acting in a way that amplifies our passion for success. 


We seek the facts and provide insight - challenging assumptions, pursuing facts, and strengthening our reputation as a highly effective company.


We are committed to our clients - sharing information, advice, and industry knowledge.  We manage every difficult situation with energy and vigor, which demonstrates our ability to lead.


We act with integrity - at Paxton Hydra, we are committed to acting with integrity at all times.  We are constantly striving to uphold the highest professional and industry standards.  We are proud of our success, and believe that the strength of our reputation is the cornerstone of our future.


Our Values

Our Values

Mission Statement

Paxton Hydra's character, work ethic, integrity, and our passion is best expressed through our mission of...


"...being our client's most trusted professional advisor and consistently exceeding their expectations.  We achieve this by combining our experience, knowledge, expertise, and ever expanding capabilities.


We intend to continually develop and enhance our organization while maximizing our ability to invest in people, technology, and innovation."


Paxton Hydra delivers true results which focus on strategic decisions and actions tailored to our client's organizations.